What to Do After a Taxi accident

Any time that you are involved in a car accident, it is a difficult and often stressful situation. This is particularly true if you suffer serious injuries as a result of the accident. In large cities, it is not uncommon for accidents to involve cabs. A lot of the time, cabs may be in too much of a hurry and it can lead to injuries for passengers, other drivers and even pedestrians. What do you do if you were injured due to a taxi cab’s negligence?

You Have Rights to File a Claim

First, you have all of the same rights that you would have if you were in an accident that involved any type of passenger vehicle. It does not matter if you were another driver or a passenger. If you are injured in an accident where the cab driver was negligent, you are allowed to file a claim.

Of course, if you were another driver, you will have to prove that it was the taxi’s negligence that caused the accident. The same rules of fault apply to wrecks with cabs as they do with personal vehicles. If you were a passenger, then it is either the fault of the other driver or your cab driver.

All cab drivers have to abide by the same laws that other drivers have to. When it comes to determining who the responsible party is, the same rules of investigation apply. If another driver caused the accident, then of course, the cab is not liable and you cannot file a claim against your driver. However, if the cab driver is responsible, then you can file a claim against the company.

You Can Follow the Same Process

In a personal vehicle accident, you would file a claim after the accident. Normally, you would do this after you receive medical attention. The taxi driver should give you his or her insurance information. Often, when the cab is on the company time, he or she is insured under the company insurance. When you file the claim, it is normally the company’s insurance that will contact you about your claim.

When you are injured in a cab accident, you have all of the same rights that you would have in a personal vehicle accident. It is crucial that you file a claim and talk with a car accident lawyer as soon as possible. He or she can instruct you on how to proceed with your case and what type of settlement you should ask for. For more information, consult with a car accident lawyer.