Let’s say you are preparing to buy a house and get a mortgage. Chances are you have a general idea of how much you can spend and perhaps you have a real estate agent who is helping you search for the right place. Many people may wonder if they need an attorney who is knowledgeable in real estate during this purchase. An attorney, like a real estate appeals lawyer in Sacramento, CA from Timothy Kassouni law firm, strongly advises having a legal professional oversee things, as a way to protect your best interests. In some states, it may even be required for you to have a real estate attorney in order to buy a house. 

Hiring a Real EState Attorney to Purchase a Home

When meeting with an attorney, they can let you know if the state requires that you have legal assistance for property transactions. If so, then it is up to the buyer to find an attorney. If your state doesn’t necessitate that you have one, then you could go through the steps without such help.

However, we generally advise against not having an attorney because there are so many ways that the buyer can get taken advantage of or not receive all the information they need from the seller to make the right decision for them. For example, the seller may try to hide facts about the home so you aren’t dissuaded from buying. Or, the seller may have an asking price that is ridiculously above it’s actual value.

Questions to Ask During a Consult

If you have never spoken with an attorney before, you may not be sure what questions to ask during an appointment. Most reputable law firms offer free consultations to new clients, as a way to evaluate your situation before moving forward. It isn’t uncommon for an attorney to answer questions similar to: 

  • How long have you been in the practice of real estate law?
  • How many real estate cases similar to mine have you represented?
  • How will I be billed for legal services?
  • What tips do you have for me when buying a house or other property?

Why You May Need an Attorney

Homebuyers may face issues with the contract, which can be avoided if handled by a legal professional. If you want help from the start, then hiring an attorney as soon as you begin looking at houses is ideal. Or, if you are in the middle of a deal and something doesn’t feel right or you have reached a stalemate in the negotiations, then an attorney can offer guidance. The last thing we want to happen is for a home buyer to be excited about a property and then realize after signing that there is information they didn’t know beforehand. 

We recommend getting legal help when buying a home regardless of how many times you have purchased property. They can ensure that the deal is going to benefit you in the long run. Call today to speak with an attorney about real estate laws and transactions.