Residential Real Estate Lawyer

If you are looking to buy a new home, or sell a home, you may not be aware that you should hire a residential real estate lawyer in East Greenwich, RI. This is an extremely expensive transaction, and you may want to cut down on costs and avoid paying fees, and you might think avoiding hiring a lawyer is one way to save money.

However, if you do not hire a residential rest estate lawyer in East Greenwich, RI, you may cause yourself to mess up with selling or purchasing. When working with a lawyer you have an open line of communication with said lawyer, their staff, and they will walk you through the process of residential real estate law in East Greenwich, RI.

A lawyer will review your file, and they will walk you through each step. Your lawyer is going to be extensively trained in dealing with residential law. They can walk you through the transaction, and you will have peace of mind because your lawyer is trained to handle unexpected situations with your closing documents. 

When purchasing real estate your lawyer will serve many important functions throughout the process of purchasing or selling a home. Your lawyer will help you with examining the title to the property, to ensure that you legally own the property, or will legally own the property. 

Your lawyer will also communicate with the lender, the seller, the attorney of the seller, and all other parties that are involved in this transaction. Your residential real estate lawyer in East Greenwich, RI will ensure that all requirements and conditions are completed upon closing, ensure you have title insurance coverage or otherwise make arrangements for you to receive said coverage. 

Your lawyer will also record all deeds and legal documents in the correct jurisdiction of court. 

When selling a home, you are going to have questions about the process, and a real estate lawyer can help you with your transactions. Your lawyer will help you draft and review your sales contract, they will also help you negotiate terms of the contract with the purchaser or the purchaser’s lawyer, and help you to review the title report on the property to ensure the property is actually sold to you. 

Your lawyer will also help to correct any issues that are found in your title report, as well as review the settlement statement prior to closing. This will ensure that you will not have any issues in selling your property and ensuring it is actually sold to the person that is buying it.

Reaching out to work with a residential real estate lawyer in East Greenwich, RI will ensure that you have someone you trust by your side as you attempt to sell or purchase a residential property in Rhode Island.

Reach out to a law firm like McCarthy Law, LLC for all of your residential real estate lawyer needs today, to ensure you work with a firm you can trust.