Separating from a partner is no easy journey. Many people have heard nightmare-ish stories about divorce and want to avoid experiencing such anguish. A divorce that is adversarial can entail plenty of added expenses, high-stress levels, and prolonged tension that can affect young children. But, the good news is that there are people out there that can help you get through this time, such as close loved ones, lawyers, and therapists.

There are ways to approach a separation so that your family can remain strong. Here we have listed specific strategies to keep in mind so that your separation can be as smooth sailing as is possible when it comes to divorce: 

View the Other Parent as a Business Partner

Answer phone calls, emails, and text messages from your partner. Withhold badmouthing the other parent to your children and don’t post angrily on social media. The period of time in which two parents are separating can be the most fragile time, as emotions and hostility can be in abundance. Viewing the other parent as if they are a business partner means you will communicate better even if you don’t feel like speaking to them, because you know in the end it will be a more positive experience for everyone involved.

However, if your soon-to-be ex spouse is communicating with you in a threatening or harmful way, then recruiting help from a lawyer and law enforcement may be needed. 

Do Not Make Drastic Changes

Until you and your partner have reached agreements on how money will be handled, refrain from making drastic changes. For example, if you have been the one ensuring bills get paid, then continue doing so. Either partner should withdraw money, cancel credit cards, or make other big changes until terms of the divorce have been discussed. If you both can agree to maintain the responsibilities you already have been doing for the family unit, then some respect and cooperation will remain intact. 

Talk About Options For an Amicable Divorce

It can help keep your dynamic amicable if you both do some research on mediation, collaborative law, and arbitration, then talk about what pathway you prefer to take towards divorce. If you have a lawyer to turn to, you can ask him or her questions about these processes and which may be the most beneficial for both of you.

If you see the divorce as not one person against the other and agree to work together reasonably, your divorce is less likely to be filled with tension and heart-ache. Anyone in need of help during a divorce is encouraged to think about talking with a lawyer, such as a divorce lawyer in Alameda County, CA at Attorney Bernie for more information.